Group Work

In the past, most of my group work has not gone well. A lot of the time, I wound up having to pull the entire weight of a four person group. When no one else was willing to get together or organize, I wound up doing it. I think it is because of those experiences that I tend to prefer to do things alone.

However, I have had good experiences. As a member of a Venturing Crew, my best friends and I planned a trip to New York City. If I’d had to do it on my own, it would not have turned out the way it did. We all had different strengths and amounts of time to spend on the trip. It was truly a group effort.

I still don’t know how I feel about my peer review. Online comments seemed very nit-picky and negative. I’m pretty sure one person had not read my proposal all the way though, as one of the things they suggested I talk about I actually covered for two whole paragraphs. In person, with a chance for me to answer their questions and talk to them, it went much better.

I think the thing to remember with peer review is that it’s okay to CHOOSE what advice and avenues you want to take. Suggestions are just that, suggestions. No one is going to force you to take their advice. With my own, I do plan on taking some and not others. I need to be more specific, I changed my title, and I’m rewording my question. However, I likely will not add more cities to look at. Previous experience with similar projects tells me that adding more cities will likely overwhelm me with information and make the project extra complicated.


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