How to Give Yourself an Existential Crisis in One Easy Step

Step One: Watch this video.

That’s it.

Seriously though, college students have enough to worry about. What should my major be? Did I turn in that essay on time? Do I really want a job in that field?

Now Ms. Jay presents us with the uncomfortable fact that even though we may think we have time to decide our future, we don’t. She believes that our twenties are a fundamental time in our development. It’s when we need to start our careers and start focusing on having good relationships and families.

Quite honestly, that terrifies me. I’m still not even sure if my college major is the right one or not. I planned on using my twenties to look around and test out jobs before deciding on a career. However, I am definitely extremely work and career focused, it is my priority. What concerns me more is her second point.

That is, I definitely do not plan on using my twenties to look for a husband. Maybe I’m a stereotypical child of divorce, but relationships scare me to death. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to wind up dating someone for years and years without ever getting married. Also, I don’t want kids. Never have.

Still, realizing that my next upcoming years will likely have a huge influence on the rest of my life is scary. It makes everything seem ultra important. It is not stress I need right now, quite honestly. However, I also feel like this advice is simply meant to motivate, not to scare us. It’s simply supposed to remind us not to waste our time or think that it will never run out. It’s something I’ll try to keep in mind as I head into these fundamental and exciting years of my life.



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