I’m Not Giving Up and Neither Should You

This week has been rough. I’ll be frank, I did not support Donald Trump. I was deeply thrown off by his election. My sister sent me scared texts at two in the morning, my friends were in my room crying. One of them was so terrified of being teased in school they almost skipped. I’ve felt exhausted, sad, and broken.

Now, I watch SNL every weekend. I love the show. Still, I didn’t know if I would possibly be in the mood to hear jokes about Donald Trump after everything that happened.

Then they opened with this.

Silence. A piano. Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, singing Hallelujah. I sat in awe. Certain lines brought tears to my eyes. “Love is not a victory march.” “I did my best, it wasn’t much.” The way her voice cracks on “and even though it all went wrong.”  The very end when McKinnon/Clinton looks in the camera with tears in her eyes and says, “I’m not giving up and neither should you.” I felt it, deep in my heart and in my soul. It was beautiful. It was perfect. And somehow, it gave me hope.

I know there is work to be done. We must continue to work towards equality. We must speak up for what we believe in. No President has shattered our country before, and I will fight and stand up to make sure one doesn’t now.



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