This blog post is in response to the above TED Talk.

I am a notoriously indecisive person. I hate change. I hate hard decisions. This is such a big part of me that by the time I was in fourth grade, my mom had bought me the book Who Moved My Cheese? in an attempt to make me like change. It didn’t work.

I agonize over every choice. Which classes to take. What activities and groups should I be apart of. Whether or not I should spend two dollars on coffee. I wish I wasn’t like this, but so be it. I recently faced the biggest decision of my life to date, where I wanted to go to college. Luckily, the Levine scholarship came along and made it easier for me. I’m truly blessed.

However, even now I stress over the choice of my college major. Should I go totally berserk and pursue a theater degree? Stick with my plan of communications and political science? To be quite honest, I try not to think about it. I don’t want to make the wrong choice.

According to Chang though, there might not be one. In her view, no option would be worse or better than the other. They simply reflect different values. It’s up to me to decide where I want to align myself and where I want to stand.

This doesn’t exactly relieve any of the stress of making a decision. Now it isn’t only about options, it is about who you are fundamentally as a person. That is a big concept. Still, I can understand her view of decision making as important and as a great opportunity. It doesn’t make it any easier, but it can help me appreciate the process.


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